About us

We are a mushroom production & processing enterprise based in Narok County, Kenya. We produce gourmet and medicinal mushroom varieties such as Oyster Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms, Shiitake Mushrooms & Ganoderma Mushrooms. Our products range from mushroom cultivation supplies(i.e.  liquid cultures & mushroom spawn), fresh mushrooms and value-added mushroom products. Our mushrooms are carefully cultivated using  our unique custom techniques that ensure our mushrooms are of high quality, have a rich flavor profile and are highly nutritious. We are particularly keen to ensure that our mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D because mushrooms are the only plant-based natural source of Vitamin D. As such, we go the extra mile of growing our mushrooms under natural sunlight because mushrooms contain Vitamin D only if they are exposed to sunlight.

Our Vision

To become one of Kenya’s leading producers and suppliers of healthy, affordable and sustainable food.


Our Mission

To be Kenya’s go-to source for  high quality mushrooms and mushroom-derived products.

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